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A legal network of brain injury law specialists

Every year thousand of brain injury victims are told by their insurance company that their injury isn’t serious. We know that all brain injuries are serious.


"A brain injury can ruin your life, so can a lawyer lacking latest medical and legal information on the complex nature of brain injuries."

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"We receive hundreds of calls from TBI victims who are told by their lawyers to settle for less than $50,000. Insurance Companies will blame anyone - even your grade school teacher - before they blame their own driver."

Settlements and Verdicts

$27 million verdict

auto accident, Florida

$14 million verdict

truck accident, Virginia

$14 million verdict

product defect, Virginia

$5 million settlement

cruise ship negligence, California

$5 Million Settlement

auto accident, Florida

$2 Million Settlement

pediatric TBI, Arizon

Medical & Legal Support for Brain Injury

Since BrainInjury.com was founded 20 years ago our legal teams have worked on traumatic brain injury cases across the nation with a variety of experts and law firms.


Traumatic brain injury cases are complex and require experienced and medically sophisticated attorneys to achieve successful settlement or result at trial.


We feel fortunate to provide, and to continue to provide aid and assistance to the hundreds of clients that have been helped through access to braininjury.com.


We are glad that we are able to provide this service across the nation.

  • A Collection of Medical and Legal Information About Brain Injury.

    A successful trial lawyer, attorney Steven (Woody) Igou, founder of braininjury.com, has, for the past twenty years focused his practice on cases involving traumatic brain injury.

"We hear many sad confessions from husbands and wives that their loved ones are not the same person they married."
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