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Brain Rehabilitation Ideas

We know now that the brain is elastic throughout our entire lifetimes. That is, we are able to positively or negatively affect its structure by how we live. Illness and lack of cognitive stimulation result in a shrinking of key parts of the brain while physical exercise, cognitive stimulation, and healthy lifestyle tend to add brain mass.

At BrainInjury.com we have been suggesting for clients to engage in free methods of rehabilitation and to chart whether or not this program works for them. The program is simple:

1. Obtain a device capable of downloading and playing audiobooks with headphones.. Download several books to listen to but try to make selections that are not just easy listening. Remember that cognitive challenge is what we are looking for here.

2. Walk at least one hour per day while listening to your books through the headphones.

3. Take a different route each time if possible. Again, novelty and multi-tasking of the brain during physical exercise is what we are looking for.

We know walking itself over and above cardiovascular exercise, as well as exposure to novel situations promote and results in neuro-genesis.

We invite you to try this method of rehabilitation either acutely or in chronic situations and would love to have you report back to braininjury.com on the outcomes.

We look forward to hearing from you.