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Hawaii Brain Injury Attorney

Our team is not shy about trails, and Hawaii insurance companies know that. Our experienced brain injury attorney in Hawaii has received large settlements by focusing on the long term effects of TBI which can include seizures, loss of mobility or dexterity, and chronic migraines.

Our representing firm has a large group of brain related experts to prove your case. With several multi-million dollar settlements made for his clients and a reputation for helping clients adjust to their new lives, this Hawaii attorney will use his experience and expertise to represent you with your head trauma case.

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This website is intended to be a source of general information to consumers and victims of brain injury about brain injury. It is not intended to be a substitution for obtaining legal advice from a qualified lawyer about your specific situation.

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If you are in need of a lawyer (or a second opinion), ask yourself this simple question, "Why would anyone place a case involving a damaged brain in the hands of a lawyer without extensive experience?"

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