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We have represented hundreds of victims of catastrophic accidents stemming from trucking accidents, airline or small aircraft accidents, bus and train accidents, as well as structural collapses across the nation. We are very familiar with handling complex accident cases in which our clients have suffered catastrophic injuries, including brain injuries, head trauma, and even death.

California brain injury attorney
Our attorneys have appeared 2,500 times in media such as
CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Wall St. Journal, USA Today, New York Times, Newsweek, BBC, etc.

The firm's commercial transportation litigation department has handled over 525 airline and general aviation accident cases and more than 280 commercial trucking, train, bus and structural accident cases across the nation.

We are recognized as a preeminent plaintiff firm and have the highest attorney rating through Martindale Hubbell. Our attorneys come from varied backgrounds and offer a unique combination of skills that are particularly useful in handling brain injury cases and investigating defective products and commercial transportation accidents. Our senior trial attorney is a board certified civil trial attorney through the National Board of Trial Advocacy. Two of the firm's attorneys are also pilots, two have engineering degrees and three were law professors.

Our staff has the experience and education to effectively handle complex cases from intake to resolution. Our attorneys have served on 18 plaintiff steering committees in mass tort litigation that manage complex multi-district litigation arising from mass transportation disasters, pharmaceutical drug defects and construction failures. Our attorneys have tried well over 200 cases in their careers.

The firm's staff, many of whom have worked together for over twenty-five years, stresses client orientation and excellent service. We consider prompt response to client communications one of our highest priorities. We recognize that representing our clients involves more than research and litigation: we provide extra care and attention to our clients' special needs and vulnerabilities. We pride ourselves in making communication with our clients the cornerstone of our practice. In fact, many of our clients remain in touch with us long after their cases have resolved.

Brain Injury - Tractor Trailer Accident

This brain injury animation shows the brain injury suffered by our client, a classic "coup-contra-coup" injury. In other words, it shows the sharp acceleration and deceleration forces exerted on his head that caused his brain to bounce backwards and forwards in his skull, which resulted in the stretching, tearing and rupturing of axons (brain and nerve cells).

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This website is intended to be a source of general information to consumers and victims of brain injury about brain injury. It is not intended to be a substitution for obtaining legal advice from a qualified lawyer about your specific situation.

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