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Our Alaska traumatic brain injury lawyer has been practicing law since 1975 and has been working at his own private firm for the last fourteen years. Committed to the needs of each of his clients, this Alaska attorney has high academic credentials, strong ties to the community and always strives for success. Dedicated to making your experience with the legal process as stress-free as possible, arrangements can be made to discuss the case when and where it is best for you.

With three decades of experience in front of judges and juries, this Alaska attorney will make his experience in the courtroom work for you. Through careful preparation of each case, he will make decisions as to what is in the best interest of the client and for each traumatic brain injury case. He is a member of the Alaska Bar Association and the Association of Trial Lawyers of America. He has served as president of both the Alaska Academy of Trial Lawyers and the American Board of Trial Advocates. Familiar with insurance companies and the tactics used to minimize their losses in head trauma cases, this Alaska attorney is prepared to represent your traumatic brain injury case and to get you the justice you deserve.

This website is intended to be a source of general information to consumers and victims of brain injury about brain injury. It is not intended to be a substitution for obtaining legal advice from a qualified lawyer about your specific situation.

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