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If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury in Alabama, let the states oldest existing plaintiff's law firm represent you. With a commitment to protect and to preserve the dignity and rights of all individuals, these Alabama brain injury attorneys ensure that the individual receives the level of service traditionally reserved for big corporations. Choosing representation by our firm will be the beginning of a relationship built on trust, communication and loyalty.

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The members of our Alabama firm adhere to the strictest ethical standards as set by its Bar Associations. Dedicated to their community, our attorneys invest their energies and resources into enhancing their community and surrounding areas. This dedication to bettering the lives of Alabama citizens is exemplified in the firm's involvement in litigation that has led to the removal of defective products from the market and forced companies to change or abandon dangerous practices. In addition, the establishment of important legal precedents has resulted from appeals that these Alabama attorneys have handled.

Better enabling them to handle your traumatic brain injury case in a knowledgeable, well-informed manner is a full-time registered nurse that is a part of the firm's staff. The staff also includes individuals with law enforcement backgrounds who will put their experience to work for you and your case. Our Alabama firm and its attorneys will always use the most qualified experts in their fields to gather the information necessary to your traumatic brain injury case.

This website is intended to be a source of general information to consumers and victims of brain injury about brain injury. It is not intended to be a substitution for obtaining legal advice from a qualified lawyer about your specific situation.

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If you are in need of a lawyer (or a second opinion), ask yourself this simple question, "Why would anyone place a case involving a damaged brain in the hands of a lawyer without extensive experience?"

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